Our fundraisers benefit by partnering with Qtera, an organization that provides a complete turn-key solution at no upfront cost to you.

Qtera brings experts in fundraising, technology, data analytics, and process control to make fundraising more effective, predictable, and efficient!

Who do we serve?

  • Traditional non-profit organizations such as American Cancer Society and Boy Scouts of America
  • High School sports teams, cheerleaders, bands, and Jr. ROTC programs
  • Elementary and Middle Schools
  • Youth sports teams
  • Churches and mission groups

Plan for success

Purpose Does your organization have a clear purpose for raising money to convey to your supporters?
Loyalty The purchasers are likely loyal to the member making the ask or to your organization.
Leadership A strong Figurehead (e.g. Coach) needs to motivate your team throughout the campaign.
Accountability Goals need to be set for each of your members.
Numbers Large numbers of members available to sell allows for a large number of potential purchases.

What to expect when working with Qtera

  • Transparency, professionalism, and blunt honesty
  • A partner that invests in your campaign at no cost to you
  • The most technically advanced company in the fundraising space
  • Real time sales data to help manage and fine tune your campaign
  • A company that is efficient and customer friendly

Ready to get Started?
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