Our mission is to provide the most value to consumers who want to support worthy non-profit organizations and merchants in their local community.

Our vision is to use technology, data analytics and process control to make fundraising more effective, predictable, and efficient.


Our fundraisers benefit by having a product to sell that their supporters actually want to purchase.

In all cases, Qtera gives at least half of all funds to our fundraising groups.

Qtera also provides our groups with a complete fundraising solution at no up front cost.


By offering discounts, our merchants support the local community and increase their visibility in a positive light.

Essentially, if our merchants are not satisfied with Qtera, our groups have nothing to sell.


Members benefit by having an amazing coupon book on their smartphone.

For a $25 or $40 donation, members can support their favorite non-profits while saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year by using the Qtera Mobile Savings App.

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